Fuck Friends Part 1 Sofia Lee Rebecca Black

Fuck Friends Part 1 and Part 2
Sofia Lee, Same Bourne and Rebecca Black

Fuck Friends

When Sofia Lee receives a surprise visit from her “friend” Rebecca Black, she reluctantly allows her to stay. Sofia begrudgingly introduces Rebecca to her new boyfriend Sam Bourne, but attempts to keep them apart, not trusting slutty Rebecca. Rebecca eagerly checks out Sam and tries to seduce him. Later that night, Rebecca is woken up by the sounds of Sofia and Sam fucking.


Rebecca creeps to their bedroom doorway and rubs her pussy as she watches them fuck. Sofia’s big tits smothering Sam’s eager face. When he comes up for air, Sam is shocked to catch sight of Rebecca but is quickly turned on by having an audience. Who the fuck needs friends when you can fuck their boyfriends?

After a late night of watching her friend get fucked, Rebecca Black steps into the shower. As she pleasures herself thinking of the night before, Sam Bourne walks into the room unaware of her presence. As Sam brushes his teeth, Rebecca pops out of the shower, enticing him with her dripping wet body.

Sam apologizes for intruding and tries to excuse himself, but Rebecca coaxes him into joining her with her sweet pussy. Sam slips his hard cock into Rebecca’s perfect pussy and fucks her until they’re interrupted by his girlfriend Sofia Lee. Rebecca sticks her head out of the shower and tells Sofia she’ll just be a minute longer. Sofia leaves, and Rebecca and Sam slip out of the bathroom and into the bedroom to finish each other off. Sam almost gets away with the indiscretion until Sofia walks in!

Cheat Code For Gaming His Girlfriend

Cheat Code For Gaming His Girlfriend
Alex Jett, Amari Anne

Cheat Code For Gaming His Girlfriend

Alex Jett is horny, but his girlfriend isn’t enthusiastic about his advances because all she wants to do is game. Luckily for Alex, Amari Anne is passing by right as he tries to make a move by exposing his girlfriend’s ass. Amari decides to lay a sexy little thirst trap by bending over to water a plant and inviting Alex to feel her up.


Of course, Alex is in position at the optimal moment, and while an ass grab leads to a hallway blowjob, Amari could never have predicted Alex’s boldness. Instead of sneaking away to fuck, they sneak back into the gaming den to bone right behind Alex’s girlfriend’s back!

The No Nut Bet Azul Hermosa

The No Nut Bet
Small Hands, Azul Hermosa

The No Nut Bet

Roommates Azul Hermosa and Small Hands have an ongoing bet: no masturbating! When Small Hands catches Azul coming ever so close to doing what she’s not supposed to do, he gloats about his own self-restraint.


Azul decides to put Small Hands’ abilities to the test, teasing her roomie by showing off her gorgeous body. But two can play at that game! When the mutual teasing proves to be too much for either to handle, how long will they last before they give in to temptation? Perhaps they’ll need to come up with a more creative approach to getting off without losing the bet…

A Tour of Kyler’s Wardrobe Kyler Quinn

A Tour of Kyler’s Wardrobe
JMac, Kyler Quinn

A Tour of Kyler's Wardrobe

The sweet and sexy Kyler Quinn has invited JMac and a cameraman over to shoot some porn at her place. As she leads the guys into her bedroom, the discussion shifts to what she’ll wear for the scene.


Kyler gives them a tour of her extensive wardrobe and, after some prompting from JMac agrees to true on a few different sexy outfits on camera… giving the cameraman some great pervy shots of her tits and ass. Kyler changing in and out of clothes is all it takes to get JMac’s cock hard; he convinces Kyler and the cameraman to ditch their script and just film them fucking right then and there.

My Annoying MILF Stepsister Alexis Fawx

My Annoying MILF Stepsister
Xander Corvus, Alexis Fawx

My Annoying MILF Stepsister

Xander’s elderly dad has recently gotten married, giving him a new stepsister: the sexy MILF Alexis Fawx… who proves to be just as entitled and annoying as a stepsis half her age.


Alexis has moved in with Xander until she can find a job and she’s driving him up the wall, while also turning him on. When Alexis realises her stepbro’s into her, she uses that to her advantage, offering a good fucking in exchange for having less rules to follow in the house.

Breaking In After Breaking Up Luna Star

Breaking In After Breaking Up
Luna Star, Quinton James

Breaking In After Breaking Up

Luna Star breaks into her he ex’s (Quinton James) house to retrieve some of her personal things after they’ve split up. Little does Luna know that Quinton is home and thinks she’s a thief… and imagine the shock on Quinton’s face when he discovers that what Luna is looking for is her favorite dildo!


In Breaking In After Breaking Up, Quinton clearly isn’t over Luna, and can you blame him? When this babe, with her gorgeous tits showcasing the perfect amount of sideboob, starts teasing him, it’s only a matter of time before these two decide to fuck one last time for old time’s sake!

Luna Star poses with her right hand in her hair at the top of her head and her left arm by her side with her hand on her thigh. In the background there is a white painted room with large windows letting in natural sunlight through the white drapes. On the left wall there is a dark and white contrast abstract painting and behind the woman there is a white leather sofa with a glossy grey side table with a black lamp.

Her hair is jet black and in a middle parting. It is long and has been brushed over her shoulders as it falls over her forearms and chest. Her hair has been straightened with a hair straightener.  In Breaking In After Breaking Up, Luna Star has a tanned skin tone, smooth and shiny. On her face she has dark brown eyebrows that are thin and long, stretching over her dark coloured eyes. She has minimal makeup, eyeliner on her eyelids and mascara on her lashes for extra volume and length.

She has a dewy and shine complexion. On her lips she has a light pink gloss and her lips are slightly parted, seeing the bottoms of her pearly white straight teeth. Her outfit consists of a white halter neck t shirt with a tied knot on the left side. It is slightly cropped, showing her curvy figure. On her bottom half Luna Star wears luminous yellow leggings that come up to her waist and are figure hugging. On her nails she wears white gel nail polish, enhancing the tan on her fingers.

Not Horny Serena Santos and Mazee The Goat

Not Horny
Serena Santos, Mazee The Goat

Not Horny

Hot bombshell Serena Santos once again has caught her roommate Mazee casually watching porn in the kitchen over his morning cereal. What a perv! She wagers a month’s worth of chores that he can’t go a day without sex and he naively takes the bet.


From there, the big-titted babe tries all the tricks in the book to get him to give in to her charms: cleaning up the floor with nothing but a sheer dress on and high fuck-me boots, spreading her legs and caressing her tight, pink pussy on the counter in front of him. But there’s no point, Mazee’s “not horny” he says… Oh wait!

Valentina Jewels Free Anal

Free Anal
JMac, Valentina Jewels

Free Anal

You know it’s gonna be a good day when you see Valentina Jewels advertising “FREE ANAL” and flashing her tits on the side of the road. JMac still can’t believe his luck when he follows horny Valentina home…

Is this girl for real?! The busty babe is not playing: she has her whole collection of butt plugs on display to work her way up to JMac’s big cock and the stud is all too happy to fill her tight little ass up with every toy until she is ready for the main course!

About Valentina Jewels

Sweet and sultry Miami babe Valentina Jewels always knew she would stand out in the porn biz, but she shines brighter than even she expected! With her heart-stopping curves, Valentina’s got the kind of body that will make you look twice. Her big booty and thick thighs are as easy to spot as the unmistakable glitter of a genuine diamond!

This Honduran-born beauty says that she was a porn fan who didn’t see a lot of thicc babes in porn who looked like her, so she decided to be the change! “One of the major reasons why I wanted to start doing porn was I felt like there wasn’t really a lot of girls that had my type of body.

I kind of wanted to stand out from that crowd.” Stand out she did, going from her home of Miami to the big leagues in Porn Valley as one of the brightest jewels in the porn industry’s crown! Valentina adds, “I’m doing this for my girls, you know. This is my thing.”

Lacey London A Window With A View

A Window With A View
Damon Dice, Lacey London

A Window With A View

When Lacey London’s dad catches her giving Damon Dice a blowjob in the living room, he kicks Damon out, which really pisses Lacey off. As Lacey chills in her room thinking her day is ruined, Damon, who stuck around, spots her juicy ass from the window.


In A Window With A View, a bold Damon climbs in through Lacey’s window to finish what they started, eating her pussy and fucking her while narrowly avoiding getting caught. If you thought Damon coming in through the window was risky, you’ll appreciate the bold text message he sends Lacey’s dad after a narrow, post-fuck escape. Thanks to her perfect pussy and irresistible body, Lacey gets exactly what she wants.

Stacy Bloom Busting On The Anal Bead Thief

Busting On The Anal Bead Thief
Raul Costa, Stacy Bloom

Busting On The Anal Bead Thief

Stacy Boom is a cute petite brunette with spiral hair and a flare for knowing exactly where your wife hid here sex toys. When cleaning Raul Costa’s bedroom, she happens upon a nice long purple anal beads and can’t help but stuff them all the way up her ass! Raul can’t believe what he’s seeing and confronts Stacy.


In Busting On The Anal Bead Thief, Stacy acts like she has no idea what he’s talking about and so Raul tears open her nylons and pulls them out of her ass and explains it clearly. This leads to some hardcore anal that is just what Stacy was hoping for.

Stacy Bloom poses lounging on a wooden seat of a swing. She has her right hand holding onto the thick rope that holds up the swing and she leans her back onto the left side of the swing. Her front leg is bent over the front of the swing and her back leg hidden behind. Her body is on an angle to the right, with her head turned to the front to look back at the camera.

The swing has a long seat made up of light coloured wood and neutral coloured thick rope as it hangs from a tree. Behind the woman there is the thick, large tree trunk and long branches that reach to the ground full of green leaves. The grass is short and bright green, littered with brown long leaves. Stacy Bloom’s hair is extremely short and jet black in colour. It has been permed into short tight curls around her head. She has a fair skin tone, even around her body.

For makeup, she has filled in black thin eyebrows and shimmery white and brown eyeshadow on her eyelids. She has black winged eyeliner and a coating of black mascara on her eyelashes for length. Stacey has a dewy glow to her face with foundation and highlighter. On her lips there is a pink tinted lip gloss for a shine on her pouty lips.

Around her neck she has a tight black choker and on her finger she has a silver ring band. Her nails are short and natural. For her outfit Stacy Bloom wears a navy blue push up bra, enhancing her boobs and a navy blue and white plaid skirt with pleats. Draped around her arms and back she has a white shirt. On her feet she wears thick black boots and knee high black socks.

Nina Rivera My Roommate Likes It Freaky

My Roommate Likes It Freaky
Tyler Nixon, Nina Rivera

My Roommate Likes It Freaky

Gamer Tyler Nixon is ecstatic to receive his new console in the mail, but it’s not what he expected… He tears open the package only to discover his horny roommate Nina Rivera went wild dildo shopping. After accusing her of being a freak, Nina shows Tyler just how freaky she really is!


Nina Rivera stands facing the camera, her arms are straight against her body and her fingers are looped through the belt loops of her jeans. The background is full of nature, with big green leaves and neutral coloured rocks piled on top of each other. Her hair is blonde with long black roots and in a middle parting.

It is straight and of medium length. In her hair on the top of her head there is a pair of black sunglasses with a pointed frame at the tops of the eyes. She has dark skin, smoothed over and little imperfection. Her facial complexion is clear and blended with a layer of foundation.

There is a dark brown contour around her cheeks with a lot of yellow toned highlight for a glowy effect around her face. Her eyebrows are thick and brown, with a small arch on the ends above her dark coloured eyes. On her eyelids Nina Rivera has a gold shimmery eyeshadow with black eyeliner along her lash line. On her eyelashes there is a coating of black mascara for length and volume, widening her eyes.

On her lips there is a clear lip gloss for a natural shine to her plump lips and as they are parted, her bright white teeth shine from underneath. For her outfit, Nina Rivera wears a black crop top, with a halter neck style and string tied underneath her hair. It has a scooping neckline, with some cleavage on show. Her stomach is exposed as she wears low rise light blue denim jeans with black fishnets underneath, seen through the holes in her jeans.

Kendra Sunderland No Rest For Cheats

No Rest For Cheats
Van Wylde, Kendra Sunderland

No Rest For Cheats

Unfaithful Kendra Sunderland has an insatiable appetite for sex. When her boyfriend Van Wylde has to work late one evening, Kendra is so horny she has no choice but to go out and bring home some random cock. When Van Wylde returns home, he’s distraught to find Kendra asleep in bed with her latest lover.


In No Rest For Cheats, he dramatically rips the covers off the bed and chases the guy out. Tired of her constant infidelity, Van Wylde swears off Kendra for good. Or at least he tries to until she seduces him with her perfect tits. The makeup sex that follows is so hot, the dude from the bar can’t help but sneak back and watch.

Mina Moon Just Friends… Except We Fuck

Just Friends… Except We Fuck
Duncan Saint, Mina Moon

Just Friends... Except We Fuck

Mina Moon is having an absolute bullshit day. She can’t find anything to watch on TV, she can’t find her phone and she can’t find the cookie in her ice cream, but worst of all, she’s been dumped by her piece of shit cheating boyfriend. Her buddy Duncan Saint shows up and is devastated to see his friend in such a bad way. He lends her a shoulder to cry on and a sympathetic ear, but he tells her the only real way to get over a bad break-up is with a great hook-up.


Mina strips down to her underwear in her room, reminding herself that under her bulky hoodie and sweats she’s got an incredible body and a pair of perky tits that look great in a tiny pink shirt. Duncan can’t resist taking a peek, and when Mina comes back out of her room it’s not long before the horny friends decide it’s time for them to help each other out.

Duncan massages Mina’s big tits, pulling her tiny shirt aside to get a better look at them before he starts stroking her pussy through her underwear. Mina sucks his finger, getting it nice and wet before he slides it inside of her. Mina and Duncan suck and fuck all over the white couch, Mina straining to fit Duncan’s massive cock in her mouth before taking it deep inside her pussy while she rides him in reverse cowgirl.

Alexis Fawx Sweet Sweet Infidelity

Sweet Sweet Infidelity
Xander Corvus, Alexis Fawx

Sweet Sweet Infidelity

Hot bombshell Alexis Fawx’s husband is gone for the weekend, and there really isn’t anything better than having the house all to herself… Except maybe sharing it with a younger, hotter guy to fuck behind her husband’s back! In Sweet Sweet Infidelity, Sex is good, but nothing quite beats forbidden cheating sex with Xander Corvus’ big cock in the cuckolded husband’s bed.


Alexis Fawx lays on her side, her right arm supporting her upper body. Her left arm is draped over her side with her hand on her thigh. Her left leg is bent and placed over her straight right leg. She lounges on a bed with lilac bedding and a singular thick pillow in the same lilac colour pillow case. The walls around her are painted white with a tall glossy white chester drawer in the corner with back and red ornaments on top.

Alexis Fawx’s hair is a mousy brown and in a middle parting with a relatively long length. It is styled in loose curls and her hair falls over her front right shoulder and reaches towards the bed. She has tanned skin, with an even skin tone and flawless complexion.

Alexis Fawx has long arched brown eyebrows across her brown squinted eyes. She has natural makeup, with a dewy look and black mascara on her eyelashes for length and volume. She has a small smile, her white straight teeth poking out underneath her gloss covered lips.

For her outfit Alexis Fawx wears a dark red crop top with small elastic straps, with her front strap falling half way down her shoulder. On her bottom half she wears grey and black leggings. On her right wrist she wears a pearly white bracelet and her fingernails are painted red.

Kendra Sunderland Dripping Wet

Dripping Wet
Kendra Sunderland, Mazee The Goat

Dripping Wet Kendra Sunderland

Kendra Sunderland walks us through her showering routine while Mazee films her. Watch Kendra as she covers her stunning wet body, scrubbing her big natural tits, ass and pussy until she’s so fresh and clean Mazee just has to set the camera down and give her some steamy bathroom sex!


Kendra Sunderland leans against the bathroom sink, the base being a brown and cream cracked marble with a cream porcelain sink and silver taps. Her hands are placed either side of her to keep her body up and her front leg is bent with her foot against the bottom of the sink.

In Dripping Wet, Kendra Sunderland tilts her head as she looks at the camera. Behind her there is a large mirror and a brown plant pot with a green and purple flower planted in it. To the right of her, there is a shower with a glass protective side and brown and cream coloured tiles along the inside wall.

Her hair is a dirty blonde colour with dark roots and it styled in a voluminous ponytail, with the ends curled in big loose curls. She has some pieces around her forehead and side of her face to frame her face. Kendra has fair skin, with an even and flawless complexion. On her face she has bronzer and blusher to define her facial features so she doesn’t appear flat faced.

In Dripping Wet, on her eyes she has a smokey, dark eyeshadow look with winged black eyeliner and big long fake eyelashes. She has long thin brown eyebrows and a nude gloss lipstick on her pouty lips. Kendra Sunderland wears a long white towel that is wrapped around her body, leaving much of her skin exposed. On her nails she has long white fake acrylics.

Cecilia Lion Ebony Pornstar Profile

Cecilia LionCecilia Lion stands with her left arm above her head and resting her forearm on top and her right hand on her hip. Her body is curved to the left side, with her ribs sticking out and back arched. The hip is popped to the right and her left leg is slightly in front of her right.


The backdrop is a bright orange colour and contrasts against her dark skin tone. Her hair is light brown and naturally curly with lots of volume. The length is short, coming just above her shoulders and is split into a side parting on the left side of her head. Her eyebrows are a natural brown and full, stretching across the tops of her eyes.

Cecilia Lion has a clear and smooth complexion, with bronzer and blush on her cheeks. She has a natural shine on her eyelids and brown eyes, with black mascara coating her eyelashes for a more volumised effect. She has a big smile on her face, with her lips covered in a shiny lip gloss.

Her teeth are bright white and straight. For her outfit, she wears a lilac crop top with short sleeves and round neckline. On the top there are the words angel baby in white and pink bubble like font. On her bottom half Cecilia Lion wears bright pink hot pants with white piping and white drawstrings.

Luxury Girl a Pure Fine Piece of Ass

Luxury girl PornstarLuxury Girl poses with both hands covering her boobs and her elbows bent by her sides. Her hip is popped to the right as her body faces the camera as well as her head being tilted towards the right. She stands in front of a kitchen unit with a black marble countertop and a white textured wall.


There are dark green cabinets with black knob handles and an embossed square in the middle. Her hair is jet black and tied into an extremely tight ponytail on the top of her head. The ponytail is long and falls down her back. For makeup, Luxury Girl’s face has a clear and smooth appearance and her eyebrows have been elongated and filled in with a dark brown shade.

Luxury Girl has an orange and cream eyeshadow look with black winged eyeliner and long fluffy fake eyelashes on her eyelids. Her lips have been over lined in a dark pink lip pencil and filled in with a pink glossy lipstick. The outfit consists of a pin vest top with thin sleeves that has been pulled up over her chest to expose her boobs which her hands cover.

Her nails are long and painted in a bright orange colour. On her bottom, Luxury Girl wears bright white leggins that are high waisted and slightly sheer, seeing some skin underneath.

Dear Diary, I Need To Get My Pussy Fucked Gabriela Lopez

Dear Diary, I Need To Get My Pussy Fucked
Gabriela Lopez and Johnny The Kid

Dear Diary I Need To Get My Pussy Fucked

Gabriela Lopez hasn’t gotten any in exactly 47 days, which is turning her into a wet pussy pillow humper. Good thing Johnny the Kid has shown up, all hot and sweaty from his workout. Gabriela can’t help but film him jerking off in the shower.


In Dear Diary, I Need To Get My Pussy Fucked, it’s never enough for Gabriela and she’s so hot and bothered she breaks into his room and steals a sweaty t shirt of his to hump. When he returns from the shower stroking his cock, she can only hide behind his drapes for so long before jumping out and sucking his dick.

Dear diary, today Gabriela took her orgasm into her own hands and jumped all up and down on Johnny the Kid’s cock, and he loved every minute of it.

Skye Blue Blonde with Big Naturals

Skye BlueSkye Blue poses in a boxing ring, with her elbows bent at her side as she pulls dramatically on her top towards the middle of her chest which accentuates her large boobs. Her full body profile faces directly at the camera, as she stares intensely down the lense.

Skye Blue Porn Videos
Pervert in the Bathroom
My Wife’s Dirty Tapes
Seduce my Masseuse

The hair is a platinum blonde and has been cut into a pixie cut and styled with subtle beach waves. The makeup is dark to reflect the atmosphere of the photo, the eyebrows have been given a dramatic arch in a light brown colour and her eyeliner is heavy round the eyes, showing off her bright green coloured eyes.

Her nose has been contoured so it appears slimmer and she has a slight dusting of shimmery bronzer on her cheeks. For her outfit Skye Blue wears a skimpy black sports bra that covers barely any skin and has extremely thin straps that have fallen half way down her shoulder.

On her bottom Skye Blue wears black, leather shorts and the waist is a large elasticized waistband that moulds to her slim and toned figure. The background is dark, with the red and blue rope of the boxing room bringing in the colour.

Gabriela Lopez Small Body Big Boobs

Gabriela LopezGabriela Lopez poses with the camera really close to her face, like she is taking a selfie. Her head is tilted to the left and her left hand is on the neck of her top, her index finger pulling down on the top slightly.

Gabriela Lopez Videos
Family Road Trip Dick
Gabriela is Your Girlfriend
Emergency Rubdown

Her upper forearm of her right arm can be seen to be stretched out as her selfie arm. In the background there is a white wall and a grey floor, the room is filled with natural sunny lighting from the large window on the left which is slightly concealed by the white chest drawers.

On top of the chest drawers there is a shallow light brown bowl. Gabriela Lopez’s makeup makes her face appear smooth and flawless, with bronzer and contour along her cheeks and forehead to give her face shape and dimension. Her face has a dewy young look. She has dark thick eyebrows that stretch across her dark brown eyes.

There is a light dusting of gold eyeshadow on her eyelids along with black eyeliner along her lash line. On her eyelashes, black mascara has been coated on to give them a fuller, longer appearance. Gabriela Lopez has a small smile, with her lips covered in a shiny clear lip gloss.

Her pearly white teeth are on show. For her outfit, Gabriela Lopez wears a plain white vest top with thin elastic sleeves over her shoulders. Underneath she wears a bright pink bra, that pushes up her cleavage. Around her left wrist she has a singular black hair tie and her nails are square and glittery